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10 Meal Subscription (Billed Weekly)

10 Meal Subscription (Billed Weekly)

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Terms & Conditions

The number of meals listed (5, 10, 15 or 20) are to be selected weekly using a link provided via email communication or a visit to the site and will be prepared on a weekly basis. This is in no relation to the billing cycle (Weekly or Monthly) which denotes the frequency with which the original listed price (without any inapplicable discounts) will be charged to the approved payment method.

Discount percentage listed is an average compared to individually purchased meals. Actual percentage off may vary based on menu options as well as your weekly selected meals. "Free" meals are capped at $12 per meal, for items priced above this amount you will be charged the difference. Weekly email reminders will be communicated as a reminder for free meal selection, any meals included in your plan that are not selected by any given Friday @ 11:59pm will be fulfilled as Chef's Choice meals. No additional fees/charges will be accrued should you choose not to select your meals during any given week.

"Billed Weekly" subscriptions will charge the approved payment method on the same day every week until cancelled,

"Billed Monthly" subscriptions will charge the approved payment method on the same day every month until cancelled,

If Fit Foodie Meals is unable to charge the approved payment method for three consecutive days, any meals awaiting fulfillment will be cancelled. You may contact Fit Foodie Meals to change your payment method or make arrangements to pay for these meals with an alternate payment method. Multiple instances of inability to charge the approved payment method relating to a specific customer may result in revocation of that customer's eligibility to participate in the subscription program.

Weekly subscriptions will be billed a minimum of two consecutive weeks after the initial payment before the ability to cancel is available.

Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled any time after the initial payment.

Former Fatty Meals LLC DBA Fit Foodie Meals reserves the right to make changes to this agreement at any time without the express consent of subscribers, excluding cost changes to subscription plans which will be communicated via email no less than 7 calendar days prior to any such changes taking effect.

All subscription plans are subject to cancellation at any time by Fit Foodie Meals, provided an email communication is sent to the subscriber no less than 48 hours prior to cancellation.

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